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April 2014

I am so unmotivated to have a bona fide web site. People tell me I need a blog, some videos, maybe an app or something people can fiddle with on their phone in meetings, because without all that stuff I'm just another nerd online that just happens to be in a band. PLUS, as a girl (and not a particularly glamorous one) I can't even use "hey, I'm in a band" to get a date like the guys can.  I'm going to have to figure out something to do here soon.

In the meantime, we still have a bunch of things online for you to look at if you don't already look at them.  We have a onesheet for viewing and download, and we still maintain presences on Reverb Nation, R2RLive, and even MySpace (still a friendlier place for musicians than Facebook). If you like us on Facebook, it will help - just remember to "like" posts once in a while so they continue to show up in your feed.

I can do the blog thing, I just need some help getting it set up through WordPress (LiveJournal is soooo 2005). Drop me a line if you want to help me out, k?


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